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Connecting Lives, Building Faith, Releasing Destiny

Hello again OLC Family! It was so great to worship with you all again on Sunday, and we look forward to seeing you all really soon! Have you missed any of our previous messages? If yes, you can watch them on our YouTube channel, on our website or listen to them on any podcast service!

Church Events:

Make sure you check with your small group leader to see if your group is still meeting through the summer!

Things to think on 

We have been working on foundations for the last little while, not only through our new summer series but also through the teaching of the Lord's prayer. We understand how important foundations are when it comes to our Christian walk. Foundations start the whole building process. Without a foundation, you can't start building. It may seem a bit redundant, or that we have covered all of this stuff before, or you may feel like you know it all already because you have been walking this for years. But even the strongest foundation needs to be gone over every now and then to make sure all of the cracks are sealed so that no water can seep in, and to make sure that it is still in good order and it is not crumbling in certain spots. The same thing goes for our faith. Every now and then we need to sure up our foundations and make sure all of the cracks and broken bits are fixed so that nothing can cause our faith to crumble.