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Hello again OLC family! This past week we started our series Teach Us To Pray, we plan on spending a while on this one with some of our amazing staff taking the opportunity to speak on different aspects of the Lord's Prayer. If you miss one of the messages you can always listen to them on any podcast service or head over to our YouTube channel to watch the video!

Church Events:

- Last Tuesday, we started our Evangelism Workshop. There are 5 weeks left of this amazing course, so there is still time for you to join in! This is on every Tuesday starting at 6:30 pm
-Engage Youth is on again for this Sunday, April 25thit starts at 6:30 pm this week, come on out for worship, and great teaching! The canteen is now open as well, don't forget to bring your change with you.
- As announced this past Sunday, Dr. George and Hazel Hill will be here on May 8th and 9th! On Saturday, May 8th, Hazel Hill will be hosting a Ladies Tea right here at the church from 2 pm - 4 pm. Ladies come on out for a great message and don't forget to bring a teacup or mug with you!
- With all of the events happening at our church right now our Women's Connect will be put on hold for the time being

Things to think on 

As we already said we started our series on Teach us to Pray, prayer is such an important part of our Christian walk, and it is integral to our relationship with God! God wants to talk with us, and He wants us to talk to Him. If we are not praying on a consistent basis, it is like having a one-sided conversation. It's not much fun being a part of a conversation like that, where only one person has input into it. God wants to hear about your day, how it went, what you did and most importantly He wants to know how you are doing, He knows it all, but he longs to hear it from you! We are told in the Bible to pray without ceasing, which means that we need to do it when we first get up when we go about our day, and before we go to sleep at night. That is how you have a God-centered relationship, and it is what God longs to have with you!