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Connecting Lives, Building Faith, Releasing Destiny

Hello again OLC family! It was great to gather again with you this last Sunday, and we look forward to seeing you again this Sunday. For those of you who are joining us in our 21 days of prayer and fasting, we want to encourage you to keep going! We are on day 10, meaning we are almost at the halfway point, keep pressing forward and relying on God to give you the strength to see this through.

Church Events:

- For this week Sunday, January 17th, if you have not already signed up for the services please do so by emailing [email protected] to let us know that you will be attending and how many will be with you. 
Game Changers is starting up again on Tuesday, January 19th! (Please note the date change for starting). Talk to Bonny Wiebe to get signed up for this course or to find out more information, or you can email the church office at [email protected]
- Speaking of connect groups there will be a Women's Connect Group starting Thursday, January 14th at 6:30 here at OLC. You can talk to Bonny Wiebe if you want more information about what this new connect group is all about!
- We will be having a Prophetic Connect Internship starting on Wednesday, January 20th. You can talk to Stacie Mock or you can email the church office at [email protected] for more information on this amazing ministry!
-We will be having a prayer meeting on Sunday, January 24th at 6 pm here at the church, we would love to see you there! This marks the end of the 21 days of prayer and fasting that we are doing as a church. 
- On Monday, February 1st we will be having a men's night here at the church, a night filled with worship and teaching, and we are looking forward to having all of you men there with us! 

Things to think on 

21 days is a long time to give up something, and the more you dwell on what you are giving up the harder it is to forget about that thing. It seems to constantly be on your mind, you look through a newspaper or watch TV and there is that thing right in front of you. It is easy to get frustrated and to stumble at this point. So take some time to search out God, spend some time with Him, put your focus on Him and what He is trying to tell you. You are doing this fast to spend more time with Him. God is with you through all of this and that is a great blessing.