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Hello OLC Parents,

Well another month has passed us by and new one here with all sorts of new and different things. School is over and the holidays have officially started, which means it's a time to relax for our kids, a time to reflect on the past year at school and look forward to something new when it all starts up again. I hope everyone has an enjoyable summer break and I know that I am especially looking foward to meeting with you all again in September.

This week is our last week in the Bible Trivia lesson plan and I really hope that you and your kids have enojoyed it. This week we reach the end of the Bible and go into the book of Revelation. The Bible gives us some clues as to how history will end and a new beginning with a new Heaven and new earth will come to pass. Kids will learn about Revelation and what Jesus has promised for those who accept him as their Savior.